Hello Language Learners!

I’m working on a lesson about “Figures of Speech” or “Figuras de Linguagem” for Advanced Portuguese Learners. It is turning out quite interesting because I am able to include a lot of Brazilian mannerisms and culture.

The focus of this lesson is not much to understanding what a metaphor or a synaesthesia is, but to allow the learner to understand a bit of how us Brazilians think, the expressions we use and what these new expressions mean. I try making these lessons as communicative as possible, and the activities are as simple as possible. Have a look:


I can always try my best to turn our lessons into conversations. Allowing you to feel comfortable to talk about anything. It does not mean I am going to be intruding or invading your privacy, it means you can practice your language skills with all the encouragement you need.

If you wish to see more about Figures of Speech, send me a message.

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